For the Roof that Withstands it All…

Your hard work deserves to be protected by a high-integrity, high-solids silicone-based roofing treatment that is engineered to withstand even the toughest of conditions for up to 20 years.

The Fortisil formula is 92-96% solid, meaning you lose far less product to evaporation than water-based coverings. Fortisil is incredibly adhesive, sticking to even the largest and most slippery of surfaces, even those like TPO single-ply roofing, making it the right investment for any type of roof.

When you pair Accushield elastomeric coatings with our sister company’s world-class spray foam, Accufoam, you get the industry’s best complete solution for high-spec roofing systems.

Accufoam’s industry-leading spray foam insulation provides exceptional R-values, with strength, high yield, and consistency you can count on. When protected from UV and toughened by our elastomeric coatings, your Accushield roofing system will outperform every expectation.

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